Honda 45L Top-Box Set 2018


Honda 45L Top Box Set for Forza 125 V3 & Forza 300.

This official top case (ref: 08L70-K40-F70ZC) will be perfect for a daily use.

It is sold with its rack (ref: 08L74-K40-F70) and its opening system connected to the Smart Key (ref: 08L72-K40-F70).

For the comfort of your passenger, a backrest (ref: 08L76-K40-F70) specially designed for this model is provided.

This luggage comes in four different cover colors, matching the bodywork of your bike : white (ref: 08L75-K40-F70ZE), blue (ref: 08L75-K40-F70ZF), grey (ref: 08L75-K40-F70ZB) and black (ref: 08L75-K40-F70ZG).

Shipment expected within 2 days

679,17 €

Data sheet

CompatibilityForza 300 2018 / Forza 300 2019 / Forza 300 2020 / Forza 125 V3 2018 / Forza 125 V3 2019 / Forza 125 V3 2020