The different versions of the Honda Forza 125

The Forza 125, high-end Honda scooter is available on the market since 2015 in its first version.

How to quickly know if it's a V1 ?

Beyond the indication of time (it was sold from April 2015 to December 2016 in France), the simplest differentiation will be that of the key. Do you have a classic ignition key? It's a V1!

The Forza phase 2 or V2 overlaps, starting in November 2016 and gradually disappears in favor of phase 3 or V3 at the time of writing, in September 2018.

How to quickly know if it's a V2 ?

Smartkey pour Forza 125

This time, the key is a "smartkey", which can stay in the pocket and allow to use the scooter. New colors are available and from a technical point of view, the max speed is boosted by an extension of the transmission ... less visible at first glance ! The vast majority of products and accessories originally compatible with the Forza 125 V1 are with its V2. The arrival of the V3 changes a little this deal.

How to quickly know if it's a V3 ?

Forza 125 V3

Available from the summer of 2018, the Forza phase 3 or version 3 has a major facelift and this therefore leads to incompatibility with accessories provided for previous versions. The top-case, for example, is now in "smart" version, controlled by the smartkey.

The Forza V3 also has a handlebar controlled electric windshield and a dashboard indicating information such as temperature and wider mirrors than previous versions. New colors arrive, a red version for example, remarkable no ?

In conclusion

Our site is divided into categories to allow you to buy the parts that really correspond to your scooter. The product sheet also recalls the compatibility of each pieceGood news, you now know how to differentiate at a glance and without particular papers the version of a Forza. Of course, to guarantee your purchases and the compatibility of the accessories, it is always better to have a chassis number and a color code.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to help you with your purchases !