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Tucano Termoscud Leg Cover



Tucano Termoscud Leg Cover for Honda Forza 125 V3 and Forza 300.

Choose an innovative apron for your daily commute with this model from Tucano Urbano.

The skirt features a 3-layer structure (a waterproof polyamide exterior with welded seams, a 100% waterproof inner membrane and an eco-fur interior), guaranteeing waterproofing and thermal protection for the user.

It also features a patented anti-friction system, with a new adjustment valve and highly resistant materials to guarantee long-lasting pressure.

An anti-theft ring, a large pocket to hold objects, a saddle cover and reflective patterns (for safety) complete the picture.

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116,18 €


129,08 €

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CompatibilityForza 125 V3 2018 / Forza 125 V3 2020 / Forza 300 2019 / Forza 125 V3 2019 / Forza 300 2018 / Forza 300 2020